The Intrinsic Value of Me

I am a Black woman living in America. My whole life, the culture that surrounds me has taught me that the value of a Black woman is largely extrinsic. Like Aunt Viv in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Regina King’s role in Miss Congeniality 2, the Black woman is most often portrayed in the... Continue Reading →

What I Eat as An Empath

When I was a child, chicken tenders were my favorite entree to order at a restaurant. Any time my family went out to eat, my parents would chuckle as they watched me seriously peruse the menu, only to end up ordering chicken tenders with a side of fries once again. I grew up in a... Continue Reading →

Of Seaweed and Toothpaste

I said a prayer in the shower. I covered my face with both of my hands and let the water fall on my hair. An evening baptismal In the same place I have ached and cried Since I was much smaller. My childhood home. I dried off. I lit four candles One for opportunity One... Continue Reading →

Early Thanksgiving

Trigger Warning: Suicide On this night, I am sad and solemn. I feel a loneliness that is peaceful and still. I am not depressed, but I am not happy either. I am simply existing in this space. I wasn’t hungry for dinner, but I knew I had to eat something to take my medicine. You... Continue Reading →

Yellow Cake with White Icing

When I grow up, I will make wishes And not tell anyone. Like when you blow the candles out on your birthday And keep the secret to yourself. I don’t know how to keep anything to myself. It always pours out of me like blood or vomit, Spilling everywhere and it’s messy, Falling into the... Continue Reading →

The Friday Night Train

In less than 2 hours I’m on another planet, Where mermaids walk on land And sugar is salty and sour, Where witches bask in the moonlight And offer you a taste of their homemade cigarettes, As they stare out into the middle of nothing Wishing their black hair would turn gray Like the ash that... Continue Reading →

Hard Seltzer

When the crystal broke I knew it was time to let go Time to do things differently To let toxic habits fade As their embers singed The pages of my diary When I heard the song That goes Oh Happy Day I envisioned in my mind How people die All the time and every day... Continue Reading →

Bee Sting

Trigger Warning: self harm, depression, animal violence   Once upon a time there was a girl, who watched the same sad movies over and over again, because she had already decided slitting her wrists was too messy and impractical. She didn’t like to listen to music, because pretty lyrics made her cry. And she cried... Continue Reading →

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